Curb Student Right to keep image clean

(This “vintage piece” was published in The Telegraph, Calcutta in 2000)

Curb Student Right to keep image clean
Apropos the report ‘ICSE script recheck on merit alone’ (Metro, May 1), it is quite interesting to note that in the wake of cases dragging the West Bengal Madhyamik board to legal hazards, the ICSE authorities have advised the schools affiliated to the council to be selective in rechecking of scripts. This is apparently to ensure that the number of such applications is kept to minimum. This directive of ICSE authorities is not based on equity and justice.
Examinees have grievances galore and the authorities are surely apprehensive about this. That is why they are toying with the idea of curtailing he rights of the students. The contention of the ICSE secretary of “high perfection” in the ICSE scripts as he can not put his signature to an “incorrect document” is too much to take.
As a large number of scripts have to be checked in the shortest possible time, the results are unlikely to be foolproof. The approach of the ICSE to this critical issue may raise doubts in the minds of the students whether the officials are trying to evade accepting mistakes to improve the image of the council. In this context, it may be added that most other universities and boards allow not only rechecking but also a review of the answer-scripts. Let us hope that good sense prevails and there is a rethink on the present directive.
– Piyal Mukherjee
The Telegraph, Calcutta

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