“I have never gone so wrong as for telling lies to you;
What you have seen is what I have been;
There is nothing that I can hide from you;
You see me better than I can”
~Rodney Crowell

Hello, my name is Piyal Mukherjee (Some good people also know me as Abhirup)… I hail from the City of Joy, Calcutta. Professionally, I am a Computer Engineer cum MBA working in an IT Firm & currently based out of London. From the personal angle, I believe in being myself and experiencing this fascinating gift called life in a ’’Cool’’ manner and also to fight out all the 12 rounds before throwing in the towel!

Had originally created this website back in 2007 (was previously known as piyal.justdrop.in… However many folks later realised that they were not being able to “drop in” “forever” with that URL… So I rechristened the site as http://www.piyalforever.com 🙂 ).

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People told me that they loved the original website (Don’t know what they were thinking! 😀 ). Made use of a few wonderful plug-ins to import some of the content from my previous site & other localised blogs (so do not be surprised if you see your name featured here even if you are visiting for the first time 😉 ) as I relaunch this again on a new consolidated platform (more devices / social media friendly – #Digital, if you will).

I always feel very grateful when my colleagues, friends, family, peers encourage me on my writing / other creative pursuits and urge me to pursue such arts more diligently. This website is a result of such inspirations from my Universe and I hope to connect to all of you at an altogether different level out here… and that too “forever”. Cheers!

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