Testimonials from Friends

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We all love to hear from special people what they think of us. So I thought of reproducing some testimonials my friends wrote for me back in Orkut days or otherwise (and also add a few words I always wanted to tell them). I would also like to say that I treasure each and every one of these testis and hold them very close to my heart…

These testis are NOT presented in order of my preference to them in any way, though it may seem so considering the first one happens to be that of a formerly special character in the play (By the way, Controversy Creates Cash 😉 )! They are displayed in a way that looked good to me – Don’t know about you… Also, I have made some minor corrections in punctuation. The content has not been edited in any way.

P.S. The testimonials have been split across pages to facilitate easier reading. Have also included an option at the end of the last page (page 4) to add your own testimonial for me to publish right here on this site ^ (Some of you may know what the ^ means 😉 ).


Dahlia says:
What can you expect from someone like him? Well, lets see if I can help. To be very straight, this guy is different – spicing up any normal day with his antics, he’s spontaneously intelligent & fun. With his quick witted humour & clownish caricatures he can strike a rapport with anyone & everyone. But its only when you get to know him from closer quarters do you realise what a gem of a person this is. One of those few people you can instinctively trust, knowing he’ll never let you down. ‘The Gr8 One’ he calls himself jokingly… but I think quite a few will agree that as a friend he’s no less than GR8… In fact quite a blessing!! 3 cheers for Pillu!!

My Take on Dahlia:
Meet this very special friend of mine – Dahlia. With her “Barbie Girl” looks, “Make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please” types mannerisms, she is one of the sweetest girls you will ever come across, and was one of the most-admired folks in our class! I’ll always treasure the wonderful times “we” spent together – Thanks a ton…


Joydeep (Beral) says:
He is my mentor, my senior, my everything.
Actually he is more like a friend to me than a senior. He never hesitates to do something for others (Although sometimes he takes a little bit more time). A quick witted & clever guy who knows when to drop the bomb. And please, this guy is super punctual. Timinger sanghatik gyan ache er. Sudhu sokale uthte ektu deri hoye jaaye.
But frankly speaking he is the best.

My Take on Joydeep:
Joydeep is to me what “Circuit” is to “Munna Bhai” or maybe what “Watson” is to “Sherlock Holmes” (sans the intelligent bit on my side!) – My Right-Hand Man: Someone whom I can always bank upon to help me out whatever I might need whenever I want.
With his catty looks, he was our favorite pet “Beralchana” (kitten) in school (We call him “Beral” i.e. cat, now since he has fully grown up and even got married) – We have got thicker ever since. I depend on him a lot.


Ridhima says:
Piyal… I must say was a blessing in disguise for me… thru the boring projects I found a true friend… I must say working with him was a pleasure… Arpita and I used to discuss how good a manager Piyal is… that he could get both of us to work… hhehe… He is so helpful and calm, that you feel you are in safe hands.. You just have to follow him and the work’s over before time… 🙂 Thats about his professional self but personally, he is a gem… can bring joy and fun to even boring project meetings… he brings everyone together… I believe it was for you that the group was formed… and we stayed together thru the last year.. He is very calm and composed… truly a deserving candidate of CQ foundation… 🙂  Feel really bad that the Akshardham trip couldn’t work out… but I hope we meet up down south and we could plan some trip there 🙂 Real pleasure to know you, buddy… Keep in touch always… and keep rocking…

My Take on Ridhima:
When you look at this lady for the first time, you might be tempted to think that she is one of those timid and shy types – You might even overlook her and move ahead! But, trust me, that would be the biggest mistake you can ever make!
This girl has a strange knack of upsetting the big gunns at the grand stage – as was so well exemplified when she bagged 2 plum offers on Slot 2 of our placements with the other so-called flamboyant stalwarts gaping with an open mouth! Plus I’ll never forget the magic answer she gave at the end of our Advanced Market Research (AMR) viva (while the rest of us were staring at Sir with blank expressions) which eventually led to our group getting the top score in class!
As a friend and part of the same CQ Foundation group over the last year @ IMT, I was also witness to what a wonderful person Ridhima is… And I consider myself very lucky to have had such a sweet friend like Ridhima!


Naveen says:
So as ordered, I am here writing this piece of commendation for ‘our’s truly’ Piyal Mukherjee… My first interaction with him was for our very first presentation – a Marketing project, and the first noteworthy thing was the calm and composure with which he went about his work and the presentation as well.. and thats how people in IMT knew him…! He’s a gem of a person, both professionally and as a friend as well… always ready for pranks, extremely helpful, possesses a very good sense of humour… and as the pictures in his room will tell you.. deeply in love!! May god bless you… Cheers to us man!


My Take on Naveen:
If you care to glance through my autobiography in my website, you will notice that I have said a lot about 2 categories of human beings: the “Sugar-coated” type and the “Sugar-free” type. In fact, I used to initially think that people either fall into one of these two categories… But then I saw the third kind! This is where Naveen comes in – A guy whom you might hate at first due to his over-candid ways but at the same time you can’t help being charmed by his extremely suave and polished ways!
My first impression of this guy was not too favorable but gradually as I spent more and more time with him at IMT, I got to realize what a beautiful person Naveen was… Simply put, a guy with lots of class – one thing missing in most people around you these days. Always remain like this, Naveen – You are a real Cool Dude!


Partha says:
He is one of the best friends I had in college. I wish I had met him earlier. We have a lot in common …our rhista is DIL SE… though his sartorial choices are bizarre-floral prints, odd-bright colors,  weird tee shirts! But I love him for all that… for being piyal_da_gr81. I would say please remain the same… for me… for all of us. “KAKE, I love u… mere jite ji tu kumara nahin marega…DJ-da promise”
Hope we remain friends forever.

My Take on Partha:
The person I used to sit beside in class at our engineering college. Anyone who sees him for the first time would consider him a studious son-of-a-gunn, someone damn serous about career and career only!
All this Partha surely is, but he is much much more than that…
A guy strong on his principles having firm beliefs and ideologies, a guy full of diverse dimensions, and of course, a guy having a way with women (Someone even used to consider him as her “Second P” 🙂 )
Partha, you are awesome!