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Many of us used to maintain slambooks during our school / college days. I still have one I got made by my wonderful friends in college treasured in a special place inside my cupboard back home as one of my most prized possessions. Every time I read through it, I fall into this state of nostalgia. In this page, therefore, I choose to employ a similar style of presentation that might help you unearth a few fun facts, including some secret ones as well, about myself (in the most informal manner), just in case you are interested.

“Some people say I am a no-count; Others say I am no good; But I am just a natural-born travelling man; Doing what I think I should…”

If you don’t know who I am (maybe you just bumped in here by mistake), you should know – My name is:

Piyal Mukherjee
a.k.a Dony / Abhirup / PM / P / BigP / Pillu / Pillu Bhai
[I have also been called by certain other names in some situations, which I refuse to divulge in my website 😉 )

My Permanent Address:

None, just a tramp! 😉

Job Description:

Lionel Messi plays ball…
Bin Laden kills people…
I write and I talk!
(Everybody’s got a talent 🙂 )

Sign of the Zodiac:

Taurus (The Brahma Bull)



When was I born:

Lets do it different…
The time (IST) was 9:11 PM LIVE – One of my good friends used to say that no wonder “911” is an international distress signal)

Bump in the Night - This is what could happen if you put up your birth date on a public platform like this!
Bump in the Night – This is what could happen if you put up your birth date on a public platform like this!



6 feet one and a half
I am just a shade under 6’2” but prefer to say ” 6 feet one and a half” as it sounds taller 😉

You have probably heard of the "Twin Towers" - Here we have three: Kalyan, Amrita and Yours truly... during IEM days
You have probably heard of the “Twin Towers” – Here we have three: Kalyan, Amrita and Yours truly… during the good old IEM days



Around 200 pounds these days (Happy to gain some weight, unlike most of the world… I think it looks good on me as long as I keep myself toned and also keeps my feet more grounded).

Enlightened to know that Muhammad Ali used to fall in the same "Heavyweight" range during the course of his career
Enlightened to learn that Muhammad Ali used to fall in the same “Heavyweight” range during the course of his career

Best Buddies:

Anybody who is taking the trouble to read this… Thats YOU 🙂

Happiest Moment:

Whenever I feel happy…

Happy 2Happy

Most Embarrassing Moment:

Well, I am too embarrassed to mention it here…
What the hell! I am supposed to be candid here, right?
One of my most embarrassing memories is when I stopped returning home by our school bus during Standard 8 because some girls used to tease me! 😦

Most Memorable Individuals:

My late mother: Prof. Chandrika Mukherjee;
Browny, Tiger and Frosty (3 street dogs I managed to befriend, none of whom are alive anymore)

Favourite Pets:

I have been keeping aquariums since I was a kid (Those who have visited my home in Lake Town would know, at one time I had 7 tanks in the 2 bedroom apartment).

Would also love to mention the handsome gentleman dog Kaalu whom myself and Sushmita “adopted” during our last stint in Lake Town, Kolkata. Still remember (and will always do) this crazy and lovable dog running towards us across the lane as soon as it spotted us and then coming and standing on its 2 rear paws resting on us. Bless him wherever he is!

Goldfishes playing around in my aquarium

Things I always Carry:

My Inner Strength, My CQ (Cool Quotient)



Writing, Computer Enthusiast (doing this and that and What Not with computers!), Keeping Aquariums, Self-Enrichment, Hiking / Trekking, Wasting my time doing nothing / Romanticizing, Playing synthesizer / keyboards, Motor biking

Adventure Hiking through Sucha Bella Gorge, Slovakia... Where every step counts
Adventure Hiking through Sucha Bella Gorge, Slovakia… Where every step counts


Adaptable, Organised, Calm



Losing humility, gratitude, patience, faith and most importantly imagination at times…


Soft Corners:

Animals in general (especially dogs), the female sex in general (especially pretty girls)

I clicked this innocent beauty in Paris...
I clicked this innocent beauty in Paris…
And I also clicked this not-so-innocent beauty in Pattaya 😉



Sound of Thunder, Rain outside my window, Golden sun rays near dawn and dusk, Yellow street lights, Humility, Nature, Raw Power


Bullies, Cocky behavior, Sycophants (or simply @$$-kissers), Disrespect to the Female gender


Colors of my Life:

Grey, Orange


Favorite Sports / Activities:

Cricket, Tennis, Wrestling – Sports Entertainment

Hiking, Road Trips

Favorite Athletes / Sports Teams:

Boris Becker (Tennis), Steffi Graph (Tennis), Mark Callaway (WWE), Randy Orton (WWE), Dwayne Johnson (WWE), Roman Reigns (WWE), Rahul Dravid (Cricket), Chris Gayle (Cricket), Oliver Kahn (Soccer), Kolkata Knight Riders – KKR (Cricket), The Shield (WWE), Indian Cricket Team

RKO'd on Raw: Selfie with the one and only Randy Orton LIVE on WWE Raw from The O2 in London
RKO’d on Raw: Selfie with the one and only Randy Orton LIVE on WWE Raw from The O2 in London


Was happy to watch The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rolllins) LIVE on Raw in London
Was also happy to get to watch The Shield (Sports entertainment breakout stars: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rolllins) LIVE on WWE Raw in London

Fav Actors & Actresses:

Shah Rukh Khan (SRK), Raveena Tandon, Heath Ledger, Jim Carey, Christian Bale, Aaron Eckhart, Naseerurdin Shah, Kate Winslet, Rajat Kapoor, Emraan Hashmi (I reckon he is the ultimate niche in what he does!)

Featured here with the one and only Jim Carey ;-)
Featured here with the one and only Jim Carey 😉

Movies that “Moved” me:

That’s what I am, Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, Oh My God, Thank you for Smoking, The Dark Knight Rises, Thank you for Smoking, Source Code, Vantage Point, The Bong Connection, Spiderman 3

TV Shows that get me glued to the set:

K-Soaps (Can you believe that!!! I for some reason loved the drama), WWE RAW, Friends, Super Human Samurai (I think that amazing series was way ahead of its time), Rules of Engagement, Made in Chelsea (sometimes 😉 )

Some Favorite Fictional Characters I can recall:

He Man, Captain Haddock, Sujal in ‘Kahin to Hoga’, Peter Parker (Spiderman), The Joker in Batman, Bruce Wayne (Batman), Ned Stark in Game of Thrones, Mr. A / Kabir in Dhoom series, The Undertaker in WWE, Nancy Drew

Favourite Singers:

Kumar Sanu, SP Balasubramaniyam, Phalguni Pathak, Phil Collins, MLTR, Mohiner Ghoraguli, Chandrabindoo, Eagles, The Scorpions

Biggest Crush Ever (not that’s one hardly anyone knows):

Raveena Tandon,
Nancy Drew


Books I loved to read:

Hercule Poirot series by Agatha Christie,
Tintin series by Herge,
Short Stories by the great Satyajit Ray and O Henry,
The Power by Rhonda Byrne,
The Rock Says by Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

I am Passionate about:

 "The world is the happiest seat... when friends meet"

“The world is the happiest seat… when friends meet”

  1. Friends / Family
  2. Walking in the Rain/Thunderstorm
  3. Anything to do with Computers
  4. Music
    “And I don’t give a damn about a greenback, a dollar… Spend it as fast as I can; For a wailing song and a good guitar… Are the only things that I understand”
  5. Fitness
  6. Spirituality (not religion)
  7. A Sense for what is Right and Fair
  8. CQ (Cool Quotient)
    – Ever since introduced to this concept (in fact used it before, only became conscious about it with Doctor and Purushottam at IMT), I think this is the cornerstone of life, allowing one to truly become what he or she is, and not what the world wants him / her to be

I love to Eat / Drink:

Mutton Biriyani, Punjabi Butter Chicken with Naan, Fuchhka in Calcutta, Pastries (especially pink ones with a solid icing on top), Puddings and Custards, Red Wine, Milk and Milk Shakes (My friend Dr. Pranava even wrote a bestseller novel “Pyar ka Messiah” on me based on this habit of mine)

People I hate:

I don’t hate anybody anymore…
“It’s… It’s not COOL!”
#SimpleIgnoreTheJerksAnd TheJabronis 😉

From my past relationships, I have learnt that:

I need not please all the people all the time;
Real people will understand my real worth in due time…

My Aim(s) in Life:


  1. To keep my CQ (Coolness Quotient) High at all times
  2. Be grounded – Know where I stand and know what I stand for
  3. Make a Difference in some way or the other to the characters I meet in the story of my life
  4. Live, Laugh and Love – each day, each frame…

My Secret Desire:

To be a Super-Hero…
(My good friend – Dr. Pranava says that “Everybody is a Hero in his own life” – I would like to extend that statement to “Superhero”)

My take-home message to my universe:

“Step into my ring
Do you feel my flow?
I have been there and done more than you will ever know…
But now I’ve got a message for those who give a damn…
I am not preaching, just stating where I stand…
I have had girls and hotties, been messed up at parties…
Screaming from my lungs, swearing from my tongues…
Never did I think that I stop to see…
My values, my cultures, my history…
So I tell you to keep the faith…
Its hard to love but its easy to hate…
But love is all you need not doin’ some nice..
I don’t need no drugs for…
I got life!”

They say that:
“Respect is earned; It is not awarded!”
All I hope is that I would earn your respect at the end of the day, when all is said and done…


This one is not used at the bank 😉

Dated forever with You,
Yours truly,

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