Professional Recommendations

Quoted below are some recommendations / accolades I was honored to receive from some of the wonderful folks I got a chance to work with in a professional context (#ThankYou).

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“I worked with Piyal at Waitrose. He has proactively engaged with all workstreams on the project and built up good relationships to gather information and stay up to date. He has really good Communication skills – both written and verbal, and is always clear with emails and messages. He has a good appreciation of the big picture and always looks outside the box. He is very approachable, helpful and knowledgeable and very open to ideas and suggestions from others. It has been a pleasure to work with Piyal on the project, and I wish him continued success going forwards.”
~ Former Client 

Image result for leader icon“Piyal emulates the wider team in demonstrating exceptional delivery through his specific responsibilities as work stream lead. Above-&-beyond he is outstanding for how he has conducted himself both internally and with our client partners. He displays a consistently high standard of internal project communications, is flexible and accommodating to other work stream needs and remains calm and factual when escalating issues. Finally his application of best practice tools and templates combined with his highly organised nature has been a direct influence on a very successful cycle. This has resulted in very high client satisfaction throughout this very important project phase.”
~ Former Colleague

Image result for testing icon“Working with Piyal was a real pleasure. He shows loads of empathy and is always willing to make time for people’s queries.
Piyal is an expert in strategies and execution of the same; you can be confident that things will happen if he is taking the lead.”
~ Former Colleague

See the source image“Piyal has been a joy to work with – good communications and regular updates, professional to the last; working consistently to produce the asset required.  He has explained the process along the way, engaged the team and thrown himself wholeheartedly into social events – it’s as if he has always been here. I wish Piyal the best of luck.”
~ Former Client

Image result for result oriented icon“Piyal has been a dear and very capable colleague. Have always found him very result oriented, inquisitive but with an excellent grasp of situations, analytical but towards solving problems. He has never been shy of jumping into tough and unknown situations, and more than often has come out with commendable colors. I would recommend him as an asset to any organization.”
~ Former Colleague (Line Manager)

If you have worked with me before and had a good experience (hopefully), can I request you to drop me a few lines of commendation? Happy to keep it anonymous / redacted as required. These go a long way in getting good opportunities to work with while remaining transparent in my efforts to get them. THANK YOU!

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