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Special thanks to Sushmita, Latika, Aritra and Neil for reviewing the updated version of this site in its Beta stage and providing their valuable feedback. These go a long way to encourage me and make the site better. Also need to mention Rajeshwari who brilliantly designed the beautiful thoughts flashing across your screen if you scroll down the homepage. These were prepared for an organisational newsletter which I shamelessly plagiarised. Hope she doesn’t mind – She told me she doesn’t! 🙂

I acknowledge all those people, organizations and objects who have in some way contributed(knowingly or unknowingly) for the creation and development of this website. The names / logos of all commercial products are the sole property of their respective vendors/owners. All names of commercial companies that appear on this site are acknowledged formally hereby – Thank you.

Also thanks to an old friend from engineering, Kalyan Sovan Banerjee, who had initially inspired me to create the original version of the site (Remember pirating quite a few ideas from him that time). Thanks buddy, hope you are hale and hearty wherever you are!

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