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Take nothing but memories and good feelings,
Leave nothing but footprints…


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73 Replies to “Sign My Guestbook”

  1. Hey, you’ve made such an amazing website… it’s profound, it’s enjoyable, and it’s ….. (Yet) another proof of the fact that: “MY BIGB IS THE COOLEST IN THE WORLD!!” yay!

  2. Hi Piyal, awesome work man….just great… You r right….u can take a guy outta engineering, but u cant take engineering outta guy…. keep rocking..

  3. Khub bhalo laglo! thogh late as usual in everything, but it aes refreshing and I got a strength within, which I needed despeartely. Thank you! Stay well and happy! God Bless! 🙂

  4. Hi Piyal, Randomly happened to come across your website (from gtalk). Must admit your autobiography has been my most amazing read till now in 2008. Very well conceptualised. Had developed some reservstion while going through your views on ppl who smoke (myself being an incessant smoker who believes he can profess a lot on the ‘ benefits’ of controlled smoking); but then realised this is what you meant by ‘in-your-face hard-talk’; that its just your own perspective . Anyways…keep up the good work of creating such wonderful articles. Arijit

  5. Hi Piyal, loved your was a very interesting read,and most importantly,it was inspiring.

  6. hey piyal.. this is bullet..purushottam’s brother… just dropped in to check ur web site …but cudnt resist reading ur autobiography after goin thru some lines.. gr88 work…gr88 thoughts ..gr8 inspiration….tells a lot about ur CQ. keep rocking… n best of luc for ur future endeavours!!

  7. You know,each time I visit ur website, I am just spellbound. I don’t know why but if I want some real nostalgic kick, ur website is THE thing to resort to!! kichu baniyechish boss – shows ur class! Absolutely transparent, no artificial stuff,articulately written stuff, and most importantly, its bound to pull touch a chord in the hearts of the people who know you. Great Job man. Keep going..

  8. Its 03.05.09: 2:15a.m. and I still couldn’t stop myself delving more and more into ur website, snaps,and ur autobiography making me drive down my memory lane to the hallowed portals of IMT where we spent two fascinating years of our lives. I am feeling nostalgic and will call u at the earliest (since this is not the apt time to make a call).

  9. Fantastic work by you. Starting from the ideation to the implementation, everything is so unique.
    Carry it on!!

  10. Hi….well i dnt knw while doin this & that wid net(in ur terms) cme to ur arena…simply liked the way u presented urself..keep it up buddy if this is real u…dnt knw abt materialistic success bt u will go vry far with ur way of thinking in personal keep smiling always..cheers

  11. Piyal,you are an inspiration person who is honest and open-hearted, I can see that and I hope you read and read and read books, and write and get your work out there, man. Thanks for your positivity – you are a shinning light in the world. Best – Neil

  12. piyal dada, u r great, rocking!!!!! kudos to u, dear dada! 🙂 it really needs a lot of guts to write an autobiography…. 🙂

  13. Hi Piyal,

    Didn’t get a chance to interact much and hang out with you. But I must say, whenever we met in Arcadia London office we always greeted each other by broad smile(Please don’t take it in 377 way) 😁.

    I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

    Vivek Sharma

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