Testimonials from Friends

Dr. Pranava says:
I think the time has come to write a testimonial. One person I sincerely love to hate. One person whom I gave “gaalis” on most counts in life… Still I do not fail to notice how good people are rare to find. They are the people whom you miss most when they are not around… his… his…disgustingly childish humor… his treasure of cheap songs… Hey Cool Dude.. Fir se tumhe bahut si galiyaan dene ka dil karta hai!!!… And one prediction: Librans are not all that sweet… Kisi Libran se you will definitely get thrashed hard… Till then enjoy buddy… I will miss you for ever!


My Take on Dr. Pranava:
He was unquestionably thee most “Colorful” personality at IMT (you can even take it literally esp. after you get to see his wardrobe) and this fun-loving and happy-go-lucky Doctor was the “talk of IMT” all the while… be it for his floral prints or for his unbelievable hand as an artist! His charcoal paintings & sketches used to draw diverse people from all over the campus to our room and, trust me, you’ll become a big fan of him when you see them! You can see in his face that this guy will do something BIG in the future!
Apart from his creative bent, I was blessed to know someone with such a big heart – I learnt so much from you, Doctor!
I think the 2nd year@IMT I spent with Doctor as my roomie was one of the best (and most enriching) years of my life: I loved all those pranks I played on him… and all those fights/debates we had… and of course, I must say: Thanks for CQ Foundation!
Hats off to the Father of CQ!
Make friends with him today coz otherwise you’ll end up queuing for his autograph 20 years from now…



Deepanwita says:
I’m especially not fond of people from CBS and personally feel that they belong to the category of “the most irritating people that exist on earth”. Piyal belongs to that category, but he’s a bit different from the rest. Maybe he’s just an exception to prove the rule. I know him from the first year of college as he’s been in my section all throughout. He had been sitting beside me for the 3 years and there hasn’t been a single day when he hasn’t irritated me. However, he has got a very good heart. He’s always ready to help out his friends whenever they need him. With Piyal around there’s never any lack of entertainment and whatever he says or does is always “cool”. The quality in him that I admire the most is that though he’s very straight-forward, he never says anything that might hurt others. He is in good terms with everyone (including the professors). He calls himself “The Great One” and all of us are supposed to be his “Peeps” (the People – his followers). Well, I’m really honored to be one of his “Peeps” and I wish him all the best for the future.

My Take on Deepanwita:
I guess, whoever it was that said: “Looks are deceptive” knew exactly what he (I am sure it was not a “she”!) was talking about !!!
Deepanwita, any outsider would swear, fits into the “good girl” shoes like no one else!!!
But let me tell you the real story:
She is as mischievous as a girl from “Pratt Memorial” can get (btw, much as I hate to admit, I used to love her pranks)!!!
Deepu has an “inner fire” within her… she hardly speaks to unknown pple (exemplifying “good girl” behavior a parent can be proud of!) but she has a lot of substance in her, something you discover gradually when you take time to get to know her closer & better…
I am glad I had a friend like you…
Else I don’t know from whom I would copy class-notes (Just Kidding)


Aritra says:
Piyal.. one of the best guys I’ve ever met in my life. A very close friend of mine, he’s a genuine person and I agree with what he’s written on his profile, i.e. what u see is what u get – unpretentious, unassuming, and with a really wacky sense of humour, and somebody who would probably personify the dictionary meaning of FRIEND or whatever you see in those Archies cards. He’s great to be with. I consider myself really lucky to have a friend like him. He’s got a great sense of what’s fair and strength of character is what I would say is his forte. Wish him all the best for this new year’s resolution… You can find it out from him! I wish him the very best in life

My Take on Aritra:
If you ask me to list my closest friends, one of the first names you will hear is Aritra and it is not because I am naming them in alphabetic order !!!
We got together in our later school years and have kept rocking ever since… In fact, we have got closer after school.
Darling of all his friends, this guy has a very simple heart and, how can I miss this, a love for eating. We have had lots of fun @ food-joints, malls (where we crashed cars and stuff!!!), long “marathon” walks, bike trips across sea-side highways, etc.: Aritra is, indeed, one of my dearest friends…


Sayan Rai says:
Well this was due for a long time… to write the testi of the GR8 one, a person I’ve known for almost 5 years and he is truly one of the greatest “ones” you can come across in your life. With his subtle intelligence, crazy ideas and sublime sense of humour – he can bring a smile to anyone’s lips. It still seems like yesterday when in IEM, I saw this tall guy trying 2 look brave while being surrounded by 10 seniors during ragging. His laudable but fruitless efforts to prove SRK better than Hrithik, Lake Town better than Salt Lake and CBS better than Xavier’s always gave us some precious moments of laughter. After torrid 4 years in IEM, I again found him with me at IMT, Ghaziabad… and the time spent with him here discussing everything ranging from “Doctor” to “Ghee”, J-top to Vaishno dhaba never gave me the impression that we are away from home. His miserly ways have often earned him a negative reputation but this guy truly has a heart of gold… but he has a knack of spreading odd rumours (ask me about it). WAY 2 GO PILLU BHAI!!!

My Take on Sayan Rai:
What to say about SR?
He is highly intelligent in spite of studying in St. Xaviers;
He is tolerable in spite of coming from an area like Salt Lake;
And I have pity on someone who compares Level C players with Level A players like SRK!!! 🙂
All I am going to say is that SR is one of the best in the business (and I am not talking about my old ACE-R lappie) – I was so glad to have him in IMT, and subsequently in Chennai…


Paramita (Sunny Didi) says:
The person from whom I learnt how to accept LIFE…
Although we are not siblings, I am happy, I know the meaning of ”brother”..
Be with me all along my journey..




My Take on Sunny Didi:
She is a person who can make anyone talk to her & can make the person as comfortable as if he/she knows Sunny Didi for years…
This chatter-box has lit up so many days for shy people like me that you can never imagine!
As a sister, I couldn’t have ever wished for anything else: Always there for my problems & one of the very few people on this planet who understands me a bit (or thinks she does, others think I am an alien completely!). Thank you, Sunny Didi!

You know something…
When I was initially designing this webpage sitting in my hostel room, a friend of mine barged in. Reluctantly, I had to show him this page. And the first thing he exclaimed was something like: “Wow, all your friends are so good-looking!!!”
I know that all these people are some of the most beautiful people (in all respects) in the world and I am really grateful to God to bless me with such friends.
And, just one more thing,
Thanks a lot to each and every one of you for writing such good things about me… Love you, folks!

By the way, if you have known me for a while and feel that you want to write in a few words about myself as a testimonial, I would be grateful if you could use the below text box. What I will do is write a small note about you as well and place it in this section. If not anything else, at least it will put a smile on both our faces. 🙂

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