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Take nothing but memories and good feelings,
Leave nothing but footprints…


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  1. It always my pleasure Piyal! Its not possible for me to put in mere words my feelings….. to our friendship and ur craziness … all the best cheers partha

  2. Finally after 7 years of hard work Mr.Piyal Mukherjee has finally put up a good show..His last website was drastically bad..U would get the same old comment “This part is under construction and will b available soon” but I must say that this has been a great success..Finally we can download the stuff unlike the previous one…Neways cheers for ur hard work..Keep it up Piyal da….

  3. It’s been a real experience going through your website-enriching,beneficial(in terms of loading my comp with goodies),getting to know the “real” gr8 one,and much more.To all people who visit this site-u MUST read his autobiography.Do spare some time and go through it.Your efforts deserve a big applause.Fantastic job!

  4. A great site! overwhelming experience in the true literal sense, discovered new insights about you, extremely comprehensive..great work! would need to visit many times to go through all the material

  5. Having never much talked to you Still a mystery to me you are But i can see that in everything you do You will definitely go very far..!! All the best..!! Vamsi

  6. another masterpiece frm yours trulyPiyal…nice wrk dude..wish u n every othr visitor a verry happy Durga Puja…have fun…Amit

  7. Piyaal!! Boka chele.. e shob ki hochchey.. U get on to my nerves.. u drive me up the wall.. piyal u r a moron.. but u’ve done a great job here.. keep up the good work and irritate me a little less… lotsa love Ahana

  8. Hey yours truly……………. u really lived upto the following words: “There’s something about us, Lets keep it moving… Coz I really wanna Rock with you, I’m feeling some connexions to the things you do…” in the mktg fundas/gyaan –> POD Keep up the good work………….. 🙂

  9. Awesome.. Highly impressed. Was amazed by the way your life has gone and the way you have described it. Can be taken forward for publishing as a book

  10. read ur autobiography……..really amazing…….the way u dealt with twist n turns of ur life………really came to know about u in a better way……was moved by ur thoughts…….shud be published

  11. dude…awesome…read ur autobiography…. 🙂 🙂 fab…you have penned it down very well…. and among the pics “my corner” was pretty “interesting”… 🙂 keep up the good work…

  12. And I thought I was the only creative life here… Great piece of work, Piyal, your website reflects loads of hard + smart work has gone into building it. It is entertaining too (I liked playing with those day\date revolving behind my mouse pointer!!!).. All in all, an excellent piece of work. Keep it up. You rock dude! and yes.. just one more serious suggestion, I would love if you could add a ‘dating section’ on your home page, where all the girls can date only one guy, ME!! sounds good, doesn’t it?? -Nitin Verlianey

  13. Man, i never knew there was an ingenious writer hidden in you…u’ve seriously got some gr8 writing skills…and the site looks cool too…wud love to sit with u someday and talk about how to start one’s own website…keep rocking!!!

  14. amazing job! I was really moved by your writings. Very creative with wonderful bend of humor and emotions. I’m sure you’ll go a long way in your life.

  15. awesome site dude!!!! Very thought fully made.. unfortunately haven’t been able to go through your writings yet …but do intend to come back very soon…. keep up the good work 🙂

  16. Moved by ur autobio……….it’s the 1st time I read something about ur mother…….. 2day I hv found a new Piyal; a brave son of a brave mother……….may GOD bless u!!

  17. Indeed a very nice creation…….The section “Mamma’s little boy” was really very touchy…kudos 2 u!!!! Suggessions: Keep a song section n try n upload some original compositions of yours!!!

  18. Donny, i had always found u to be enigmatic…at times wanted to peep into u…but then refrained, either by choice or due to circumstances…thanks for this window into ur life, it’s truly colourful and not ‘grey’ for sure…afterall ‘black and ‘white’ are colours too ! Wish you the VERY BEST ALWAYS. Love u.

  19. Pillu, byapok hoyeche tor website…its kool as you only…hope that u r fine & rocking as ever…take care…keep in touch 🙂

  20. Excellent web page Piyal.. Seems Management could not kill the Computer Science guy in you.. Nice job.. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FINAL PLACEMENTS.. Waiting for your placement news.. Cya.

  21. Piyal… ur site is awesome maannnn…. its just too good… your “dedication” page is really touching… I wish you all the very best in whateveryou do in life… do keep in touch…. Bodhi

  22. AMAZING site i must say.. the testimonial really really touched my heart.. your site reflects the person within you.. good luck

  23. Great site frm a great person….. A delight to work wid (though regretfully I never have a chance to work wid him). Piyal is one of few living souls who believe in live happy Die… (frm whr dis word come inbetween)… Well… I can go on writing… But man… u have done a real good job (It mustta hav taken ages to write all ur auto bios n all…)…. enjoy… The day is yours….

  24. Hey my dear Pii…What a lovely home page. Loved the photo gallery..mainly cuz u’ve been really sweet to put our pics I 🙂 Dint know you can write so well…n some amazingly funny captions u’ve got there.U know what Pi… Wherever your mother is, you dedicating something so lovely to her must’ve made her very very happy. Keep up d good work dear…Cheers

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