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WriterThey say that one should listen to his heart’s calling – Something which really turns him on… something that can keep him awake all night without complaints!

I don’t know if my passion for writing qualifies for that… and also I may not be an authority in the English Language but I am someone who enjoys himself whenever he has a pen (or for that matter, a laptop with a working keyboard these days 🙂 ) at hand – Someone who has a passion for flavor in all his dissertations. This I have probably inherited from my Ma (Late Prof. Dr. Chandrika Mukherjee) who was a professor and PhD in English.

Given below are a few of the articles / blogs / essays / mere thoughts composed by Yours truly, ones that have been published here and at times in various other channels… Hope you like them.

Was watching the movie “That’s what I am” the other day, and somehow it feels so good whenever I repeat the affirmation after seeing the movie:

“I am a writer… That’s what I am!” 🙂

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