Enjoying a beautiful April thunderstorm… courtesy Synchronity

Sometimes things happen in your life with perfect synchronicity and when you look at it later, it seems to you that: “Well, this was what was supposed to happen in the first place!”
Last evening coming back from office, I had a small plan to sit with a couple of childhood friends for a few drinks or so. It is one of the “group therapy” sessions which I enjoy the most in life. Because with childhood friends, you can open out your heart like nowhere else, knowing that growing up together (they having actually seen you through thick and thin) will never ever judge you in any way. So I was kind of looking ahead to the evening.

Strangely things did not work out and it was upon me how I would wish to utilize the available time. With my wife not around, I decided to take an evening walk. This is something I always used to cherish, especially during my B-School days in Ghaziabad (where I used to make my famous trips to a distant fruit juice stall, but thats another story for another time). I was walking along a lonely and dark slip road behind the big lake near my residence when suddenly saw lots of dust start blowing with a whiff of cold air brushing past my body, feeling extremely pleasant on a hot April evening in Kolkata. As things turned out, it was the prelude to the first thunderstorm this summer. I stood in awe beside the lake as I saw the water waves rippling turbulently with the CCRAZY wind blowing the tree leaves and branches into a frenzy. The visual held me in awe for many moments as I stood there enjoying the cold drops of rain falling on my body (which had only minimal summer clothes on it). I realized all of a sudden that no matter how much I loved the company of my friends and a good drink together (or for that matter the company of my partner as we saw a movie together), there are few things in life that compare with this amazing bliss of solitude right in the lap of nature. Sometimes things indeed do not work out for a reason. I will probably resume with my friends or my wife today evening, and have a good time like I always do… But the beautiful feeling I got last evening will remain as an exclamation point in life. Another beautiful moment that took my breath away!

P.S. I tried to click the moment on my smartphone, but was unsuccessful in the darkness. I guess God and The Universe does not want these beautiful moments to be shared on Facebook, but would like to make interested people experience it LIVE, at the right place at the right time!

P.S. You can see below a picture of the thunder lighted sky around 10 PM at night I could capture on my way back from the lake (of very poor quality unfortunately) because (A) My phone was getting wet in the rain (B) There was thunder and lightning striking all around!

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