Should exams be rescheduled if they clash with sporting events?

(This “vintage piece” was published in The Telegraph, Calcutta in 2004)

Should exams be rescheduled if they clash with sporting events?
The sports personalities around the world are all successful because they are top-notch professionals, who put their careers ahead of all other things in life. Why should we behave in a manner that contradicts this by making a fuss and rescheduling exams that clash with sporting encounters? After all, the first priority in a student’s mind should be his career. Plus a student who works hard throughout the year should not find it difficult to find time to watch at least a part of the game, even if it does clash with exams.
Piyal Mukherjee (on behalf of IEM, Kolkata)
The Telegraph, Calcutta
(Young Metro – Time To Talk)

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