Disciplined, but only in sports

(This “vintage piece” was published in The Telegraph, Calcutta in 2003)

Disciplined, but only in sports
For the first time in my life, I went to see a match at Eden Gardens last month. It was the final of the TVS Cup between India and Australia. I was astonished how a crowd of one lakh plus could sit and watch a match in such a disciplined fashion. There were enough water pouches to be bought and enough counters to prevent long queues. Though India lost the match, the crowd sportingly appreciated the performances of the Aussies. While leaving the ground, it struck me that if we are capable of such smooth organisation, why is this discipline lacking in other facets of life?
– Piyal Mukherjee
The Telegraph, Calcutta
(Calcutta Column – December 05, 2003)

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